Sofia 365: Day 314

Day 314: 1.18.13

Friday, I took Sofie over to my parents house to spend the night. It was my friend Amber’s last night in Seattle before she headed back to California, so we had plans to get together that evening to send her off.

I went over on the ferry with Sofie that morning and met up with my mom on Bainbridge Island, we got some lunch and spent some time chatting, then I headed back to the ferry to go back to Seattle for the evening.

I was excited to spend some time with Amber before she left however, plans changed and she had to bump up her flight, so we didn’t really get to see each other before she left. A bit of a bummer, but things happen…

Although, that extra time in the evening did give Jason and I a chance to have some good hang out time; we got some pizza and played music for most of the night.
Music is something that I really enjoy; I played piano for over 10 years, and I’ve tinkered with guitar for just as long. It has always been a pipe dream of mine to have a band someday, and getting to play some music Friday night kind of made me hopeful it might still happen. I think Sofie would love to hear me play more music, I do need to get my keyboard fixed though… hopefully sooner rather than later.

Sofie before we left that morning – she always knows when I’m going to drop her off somewhere, always with the look!

Baggy Pants.
Baggy Pants.

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