Sofia 365: Day 311

Day 311: 1.15.13

I’m letting myself fall behind again, and I promised I wouldn’t let that happen!


Tuesday was just a lazy day at home for me and Sofie. Sometimes you just have those days when you really don’t want to get out of your pjs, so I didn’t (for the majority of it). I really relish those days…

Did a bunch of nothing most of the morning hanging out with Sofie, and then got a text later in the afternoon from my friend Amber who was visiting in town. She was in the neighborhood and wanted to see if we could get together. So, of course, I changed out of my pj’s and tried to make myself semi-presentable and went out into the weather with Sofie (she was of course bundled up in about 5 puffy layers). It was really chilly out, but Sofie wanted to walk and play, so Amber and I went out to the park to let Sofie run herself tired before the cold got almost too unbearable and we headed to my place for a little bit to warm up.

Later, I dropped Amber off with her friend to take a bus back to where she was staying. Dinner was prepared and it was looking to be a good end to the day. Sofie didn’t take a nap again, so she was falling asleep at her dinner seat. She was so adorably tired, I just got her into the bath and to bed as soon as I could, pretty much forgetting to get a picture of her.

I promised myself I’d keep the integrity of this project so I snapped one while she was sleeping. (Not creepy at all, right?)

Sleepy Babe.
Sleepy Babe.

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