Sofia 365: Day 308

Day 308: 1.12.13

Alrighty, a couple more catch-up posts from this weekend and then I’m going to allow myself time to do some fun stuff (and by that I mean, play some video games before bed.)

Saturday Sofie was off at my mom’s for the weekend, so I left the house early that morning to head out to the web series I was working on with my friend Autumn for the weekend.
Be sure to check it out –

It was FREEZING. Took about 10 minutes to even thaw my car out to drive anywhere, then we spent the whole day shooting in the basement of a cold house. Even though it was cold, it was definitely better than being outside.

The shoot was plenty fun though, and it’s always nice working with my friends. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this all is going to come together.

I headed home later that evening to warm up and relax, Jason sort of got me back into playing video/computer games, nerdy RPG stuff, and I’m not too proud to say I’m getting pretty into it again! Hence, why I want to have some time to play before going to bed.

There does, after all need to be a balance between work and play. 🙂


Thanks to my parents for this adorable picture of Sofie from Saturday.

Stripes and stripes.
Stripes and stripes.

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