Sofia 365: Day 295

Day 295: 12.30.12

Sunday was another bit of a busy day for us here. We got up early to get a good start to the day, and then I headed down to meet my parents in the International District for our traditional New Year’s Dim Sum lunch, and my parents even got me some goodies from the Asian food store so I can make my own New Years dinner!

After Sofie and I met with my parents for lunch, we headed off to Jason’s moms to drop Sofie off for the day so she can spend time with her other grandma too. After that, I headed back home to do some organizing around the house, because we were planning on buying a few more pieces of shelving and furniture to help organize the limited space that we have in our apartment so it will work more efficiently.

Some of that got done… but as usually happens when we have a day off without Sofie, we kind of just lazed around for the majority of the day.

Ah well…

Anyhow, after dinner I headed back to pick Sofie up.

Boy, she was a ball of energy. Couldn’t get her to sit still for a picture at all, so here we have it: Sofie blowing a horn, sitting on her shopping cart rider thingy.

Drive Me Nuts!
Drive Me Nuts!

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