Sofia 365: Day 253

Day 253: 11.19.12

Moving on along…

Although I planned for another busy day running errands with Sofie, Monday turned out to be a fairly quiet day at home.

It was raining pretty hard that day, so it’s not like I really wanted to go anywhere anyways…

I think I needed a bit of a break anyways, after being out of the house almost every day the last week it was nice to have some time at home with Sofie, just the two of us.

Crazy Hair Baby.
Crazy Hair Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 252

Day 252: 11.18.12

Sunday, I was back on set doing makeup for my friend Autumn’s web series. We were back at my studio again, and Sofie came with me this time! I had spent so much time away from her that week that I just needed some Sofie time…
Sofie had a great time hanging around my studio and watching the goings’ on around set, and everybody loved her, of course.

After a long day hanging out on set, and doing our best to stay out of the cold, we went home to daddy.

Since Sofie was so busy being cute around set, she didn’t nap, so she was pretty tired by the time we got home (so was I). It wasn’t too long before we all were asleep.

Snack Snack.
Set Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 251

Day 251: 11.17.12

That Saturday, I had a wedding to do, so after having a nice family breakfast with Sofie, I headed over to Jason’s mom’s to drop Sofie off for the afternoon.
My wedding was up north, and after realizing I had left my airbrush kit at my studio, I doubled back to Seattle before finally jetting off to my wedding.

I had a super nice, and chill bride along with her whole bridal party, so it just made my life all the easier.

After getting everybody finished and sending them on their way, I packed up and headed back to pick up Sofie.
Traffic was pretty bad on my way back home seeing that it was rainy, dark and slick. I passed two accidents on my way to get Sofie!

After picking up the girl, I headed back home for a late night family dinner, and crashed after a long busy day.

Here’s Sofie’s picture that I took before heading out for the day; she’s sporting a new dress I got for her! I think it’s adorable.

Cheetah Baby.
Cheetah Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 250

Day 250: 11.16.12

Friday, the 16th was a quiet morning at home. I did some catching up on work and prepping for my wedding the next day.

I decided to see about taking a stab at acting and modeling again, so after doing some searching, I found a local agency I was interested in possibly being a part of.

That evening, I went out to an orientation for that agency to see what it was all about. Jason was nice enough to watch Sofie again while I went out for a few hours.
The orientation definitely left me interested, but seeing as I’m dead broke, I might wait awhile since I’ll have to invest some money in getting good headshots and what not…

Well, we’ll see…

In any case, this picture of Sofie is pretty epic, I think. She looks like a little rock star.

Rock and Roll Baby.
Rock and Roll Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 249

Day 249: 11.15.12

The 15th, I was back in Seattle. I got a call last minute the night before to do a headshot session for a local actress so I ran out for a few hours in the morning to do some work and make some money! Jason stayed home hanging out with Sofie and caught up with her since we were gone a few days.
I came back home in the afternoon for a few hours before jetting off again to an event my company was helping to sponsor at the Ann Taylor Loft downtown that evening. There was a great turn out and I also got a chance to make a few new business contacts, which is always great!

It was all in all a good, productive, and busy day.

Food Baby.
e Food Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 248

Day 248: 11.14.12

(Slowly but surely… one of these days I will actually be caught up…)

I have no idea how I even fall this far behind sometimes…
I think it’s time to do some turbo posts!

Wednesday, the 14th… I had a meeting to go to that day  and since I was still staying at my parent’s in Poulsbo with Sofie, I drove around out to my appointment for a few hours.

After that was done, I swung back up to Poulsbo to pick up Sofie and take her back home to Seattle.

Love the colors in this picture, and she doesn’t have a goofy smile on her face for once!

Sweater Baby.