Sofia 365: Day 284

Day 284: 12.19.12

I’m almost caught up! This is getting me very excited.


Last Wednesday, Jason and I got up early to get ready for our class which was downtown at the federal building. We had a full day ahead of us learning all the ins and outs of renting and fair housing (snore). It was a pretty different experience sitting in a class with Jason though, something we had never really done before, so it was kind of a fun experience despite the bore of classes and workshops all day.

We did at least have the evening to look forward to. The feature movie (Scrapper) I had worked on the past summer was having a cast and crew screening that night, so I was pretty excited to go out and see the finished product of my work!

The screening went really well, and everybody had good feedback for the movie. Later that night Jason and I headed out with our friend and producer from the movie, Ed, and had a good time walking around Capitol Hill and hanging out drinking.

I must admit, it did catch up with me a little, I don’t really go out that often and by the end of that evening I was juiced!

And here’s Sofie, photo courtesy of my parents, looking pretty sly there.

Sly Baby.
Sly Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 283

Day 283: 12.18.12

By the time Tuesday rolled around, Sofie was feeling much better.

Jason and I had signed up for classes all day Wednesday for our apartment managing positions, so I had to head back to Seattle that afternoon. Since we had a lot on our agenda for the next few days, my parents offered to watch Sofie for an extra couple of days.

So, I headed back over to Seattle that afternoon and spent the rest of the day at home just hanging out with Jason. We rarely have time to ourselves these days, so it was a good opportunity to just take it easy and hang out together.
We did end up going to see the Hobbit that evening, which was pretty good, in my opinion, and a nice little date for the two of us. I ate a little too much popcorn and candy though, and it was kind of weird to see a LoTR-esque (but not quite) movie after so many years, but it was overall a nice date.

Maybe I should read those books again…

Cutie Pie.
Cutie Pie.

Sofia 365: Day 282

Day 282: 12.17.12

Last Monday rolled around and Sofie was feeling much better, but still not fully recovered. It was the most sick she had ever been, so it was even a scary and nerve wracking experience for me. I’m sure Sofie was exhausted too from the lack of food, fevers, and throwing up. I felt so bad for the kiddo.

I had to open up my studio in Seattle for a photo shoot that morning, so I took a drive back over to Seattle to get it set up, then pick up a few items and my camera from the apartment. We didn’t want to transport Sofie anywhere until she was fully feeling better, so that afternoon I headed back over to my parents house again to spend another night there with Sofie.

And no, this isn’t deja vu, my mom said Sofie insisted on dressing herself that morning, and she just happened to pick out the exact same outfit from the day before, (after it had been washed, of course.)

Silly Girl.

Self Dresser.
Self Dresser.

Sofia 365: Day 281

Day 281: 12.16.12

Sunday, Sofie was feeling a little bit better. She had a few moments of energy and running around, but still not feeling the best.
I spent another day at my parents house with Sofie, by the evening she was able to have a little bit of food and keep it down, so that was a good sign.

Besides that, it was another quiet day at home, doing work when I could in between Sofie’s naps.

I was definitely glad she was starting to feel better though.


Sofia 365: Day 280

Day 280: 12.15.12

Saturday, poor Sofie was still not feeling too hot.
She couldn’t really keep any food down, so for the most part of the day she was pretty cranky or asleep.

I did what I could to make her feel better and comfortable. My friend Camille was having a birthday party for her son that day, the first kids party Sofie would have gone to, so I was pretty bummed she couldn’t make it. However, my priority was to make sure Sofie was feeling better, and I knew there were plenty more parties to come in her future.

We were a little preoccupied with taking care of Sofie, and certainly didn’t want to force her into standing for a photo, so we just let her sleep and snapped a shot of her before bed time.

Sick Baby.
Sick Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 279

Day 279: 12.14.12

Friday was a little more eventful of a day…

I spent the morning hanging out with Sofie, still at my mom’s. I had a consultation appointment that afternoon at my studio in Seattle, so I had arranged to go over to Seattle for a few hours then take the bus back into town and get picked up by my mom once I got back over from the ferry.

My consultation went fairly well, and after doing a little organizational work at the studio, I headed back to the ferry and headed home for a late dinner. Once my mom came to pick me up, she also came with news to tell me Sofie wasn’t feeling too well.
She threw up shortly before my parents were sitting down for dinner and had been sleeping since. . She had a few more sick spells that night before we headed to bed, I felt so bad for the poor baby, but all we could do was let her tummy rest for the time being…

Sofie, before I headed out that afternoon.


Sofia 365: Day 278

Day 278: 12.13.12

I’ve made it my goal to be all caught up by Christmas day, let’s see if I can make this happen! 🙂

Thursday was not too eventful of a day.
I had an appointment that morning about half an hour south of my parents house, so I headed out after breakfast to get there on time.
After my meeting was all said and done I headed back home in time for lunch. Sofie had another chiropractor appointment that afternoon, so my mom, Sofie and I headed out again later that day for the appointment, did a little grocery shopping on the way back and spent the rest of the evening at home hanging out.

Deer in the Headlights.
Deer in the Headlights.

Sofia 365: Day 277

Day 277: 12.12.12

Hope you all are having a great Christmas eve. We’re just spending a quiet day at home, trying to get some more posts up while Sofie is napping!

Ahh yes, 12/12/12!
I guess nothing really significant happened on that day, although I felt that it should have, maybe?

I slept in again with Sofie, and after getting dressed and having breakfast I headed over to my mom’s later that afternoon since I had some business in the area on the next day.

We took a driver over that afternoon, and once I got there I realized I forgot my camera. Bummer.
But that was okay since my parents had a camera we could use, but please just excuse the camera quality for the next few photos since it’s not quite as good as my dslr 😉 .


Sofia 365: Day 276

Day 276: 12.11.12

Good progress tonight, good progress! I think I can drag a few more posts out of me, but it’ll be nighty night soon after.


Tuesday ended my busy work spree that I had going for nearly a week. I had worked like that tons before but, I for some reason it felt different to me, maybe because I was doing something different every day.

This time, I was asked by another director friend of mine to help with hair and makeup for a fashion promotional video for a local designer (Doberman Menswear).
It was going to be another long day, and Sofie stayed home again with Jason.

Call time was early, so I got up and headed out in the morning before Sofie woke up. The morning part of the shoot was super cold since we were out in an open warehouse in south Seattle, work for me was pretty minimal since we had just a male model, but it’s always fun to be on set no matter how big or small. After the morning shoot we had a short break for lunch before we headed to our second location for the rest of the day.

I popped by home for a bit to tidy up and get a little work done before heading back out. Jason had taken Sofie out to his moms for the day so I had just missed them when I came home for break.
But, soon after I headed out again and picked up the model for the evening shoot. The model also happened to be my friend Kay, the same girl from the music video I had shot just a few days previous. The director had needed a model for this fashion shoot, so I had asked her if she was interested in being a part of it once I reconnected with her for the music video. Funny how things sometimes work out, isn’t it?

The rest of the afternoon was much warmer since we were shooting inside of a really cool house in Queen Anne. It had incredible views of Seattle and the Sound, I was so jealous. I also got to do some pretty fun red-themed makeup, something else I’ll do my best to share in the near future on my makeup blog!

It was another long day, but I headed home around the same time Jason and Sofie were headed back. I got an early start on dinner and by the time everyone was home we got to sit down and enjoy our meal and the rest of the evening together.

I was glad that I was done with work for the time being so I could spend more time with the fam.

Can you tell Dad dressed Sofie that day? 😉


Sofia 365: Day 275

Day 275: 12.10.12

I’m catching up! This is good, I’m starting to feel like I can breathe again, but just barely…

Monday I still wasn’t scott free from work, I had a photo shoot that morning with a new model from a local agency looking to get her head shots and some fashion shots to expand her portfolio. I was working with a talented local photographer (Jami Davis) whom I had worked with about a month or so before, so I was very excited to see what new shots we could get that day.
Jason had been laid off for a few weeks and still wasn’t back to work, so Sofie stayed home with him for the morning.

I headed down to my studio where we were doing the hair and makeup prep with the model then headed out around the neighborhood to get shots. We did about 3 or 4 different looks then called it a day. I’m super excited to see how the photos turn out!

After I finished up, I headed home to Sofie and Jason and spent the rest of the day hanging out.
Not really sure how we ended up with this goofy picture of Sofie, but I think it’s pretty priceless!

What the?
What the?