Sofia 365: Day 289

Day 289: 12.24.12

First off, can I say that it’s pretty nice not being so behind? Second off, I hope everybody had a great Christmas, if you celebrate that sort of thing. šŸ˜‰

Ahh yes, Christmas Eve.

It was relatively a quiet day at home, didn’t really go anywhere, just sort of did our thing. We had planned originally to go to my parents house for the evening, but plans changed so we ended up just staying inĀ cause we’re pretty terrible at planning on the spot.

Sofie was definitely enamored by all of the lights and boxes of wrapped things around the house, but overall it just felt like another normal day.

Since we ended up staying home, we decided to try a new tradition of our own. I didn’t really feel like cooking, so we just ended up ordering chinese (one of the few places open on Christmas Eve!) and watching the British Office. Not a bad night to be honest, until Sofie puked up her dinner… but she felt better right after, so at least she wouldn’t be sick on Christmas!

One other thing that did crap on my day a little bit was the fact that my niceĀ camera broke, or, I think it did. In any case, I can’t get it to take pictures anymore. Ā It is pretty old I suppose, but I’m pretty bummed that it had to break on Christmas Eve! Well, at least it gives me an excuse to get a new camera, or at least a new lens in the near future…

So yes, that’s my long drawn out excuse for the crappy cellphone pic, but I guess my Droid doesn’t do too bad…

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve

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