Sofia 365: Day 279

Day 279: 12.14.12

Friday was a little more eventful of a day…

I spent the morning hanging out with Sofie, still at my mom’s. I had a consultation appointment that afternoon at my studio in Seattle, so I had arranged to go over to Seattle for a few hours then take the bus back into town and get picked up by my mom once I got back over from the ferry.

My consultation went fairly well, and after doing a little organizational work at the studio, I headed back to the ferry and headed home for a late dinner. Once my mom came to pick me up, she also came with news to tell me Sofie wasn’t feeling too well.
She threw up shortly before my parents were sitting down for dinner and had been sleeping since. . She had a few more sick spells that night before we headed to bed, I felt so bad for the poor baby, but all we could do was let her tummy rest for the time being…

Sofie, before I headed out that afternoon.


Author: missmichellemai

Freelance Makeup Artist, Marketing Maven, Mom, and Friendly Neighborhood Witch.

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