Sofia 365: Day 276

Day 276: 12.11.12

Good progress tonight, good progress! I think I can drag a few more posts out of me, but it’ll be nighty night soon after.


Tuesday ended my busy work spree that I had going for nearly a week. I had worked like that tons before but, I for some reason it felt different to me, maybe because I was doing something different every day.

This time, I was asked by another director friend of mine to help with hair and makeup for a fashion promotional video for a local designer (Doberman Menswear).
It was going to be another long day, and Sofie stayed home again with Jason.

Call time was early, so I got up and headed out in the morning before Sofie woke up. The morning part of the shoot was super cold since we were out in an open warehouse in south Seattle, work for me was pretty minimal since we had just a male model, but it’s always fun to be on set no matter how big or small. After the morning shoot we had a short break for lunch before we headed to our second location for the rest of the day.

I popped by home for a bit to tidy up and get a little work done before heading back out. Jason had taken Sofie out to his moms for the day so I had just missed them when I came home for break.
But, soon after I headed out again and picked up the model for the evening shoot. The model also happened to be my friend Kay, the same girl from the music video I had shot just a few days previous. The director had needed a model for this fashion shoot, so I had asked her if she was interested in being a part of it once I reconnected with her for the music video. Funny how things sometimes work out, isn’t it?

The rest of the afternoon was much warmer since we were shooting inside of a really cool house in Queen Anne. It had incredible views of Seattle and the Sound, I was so jealous. I also got to do some pretty fun red-themed makeup, something else I’ll do my best to share in the near future on my makeup blog!

It was another long day, but I headed home around the same time Jason and Sofie were headed back. I got an early start on dinner and by the time everyone was home we got to sit down and enjoy our meal and the rest of the evening together.

I was glad that I was done with work for the time being so I could spend more time with the fam.

Can you tell Dad dressed Sofie that day? 😉


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Freelance Makeup Artist, Marketing Maven, Mom, and Friendly Neighborhood Witch.

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