Sofia 365: Day 257

Day 256: 11.23.12

I woke up that Black Friday morning with more of a black heart (a little dramatic, I know).

After a long, not very restful night, mostly spent thinking about my life and future, I woke up feeling resolved that I would do what I could to right the situation and get back together with Jason. I knew it’s what we both wanted as parents, to raise Sofia together, but I also knew that sometimes even wanting something just isn’t enough.

Despite those thoughts, I felt motivated to try harder at my relationship, if it could be repaired.

I reached out to Jason that evening after a day of planning and thinking; I proposed two options, getting back together and working on our relationship, or staying separated and working out an agreement for Sofie’s care.
All I could think about was this little girl, and how much she just wants her parents to be happy and together, and I wanted so badly for that to work.

So I sent my message, and I waited.

Sofie: post-bath, cookie in hand.


Author: missmichellemai

Freelance Makeup Artist, Marketing Maven, Mom, and Friendly Neighborhood Witch.

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