Sofia 365: Day 294

Day 294: 12.29.12

Wow, I’m actually nearing 300 posts, that is both exciting and frightening.

The New Year is just around the corner, and to think about all the things that have happened just this year, it’s pretty mind boggling, and I don’t use that phrase lightly, or ever.

I’m too nostalgic for my own good…

Well, today I didn’t change out of my pj’s all day. So that’s usually a sign of my not giving a crap. Stayed home with Sofie doing more organizing, gathering old toys and clothes to donate to Goodwill. Sofie mostly just made a mess of the house by spreading her new toys all over the living room floor.

Only when she passed out this evening on the couch after another no-nap day did the floor finally become clear of toy debris.

And here I am again… typing away.
Just spent half an hour trying to figure out my credit score online… No, I do not want to start a free trial dammit!

Like I said before, my life is super exciting, eh?

Well, Sofie seems to think so.

Surprise Buns?
Surprise Buns?

Sofia 365: Day 293

Day 293: 12.28.12

Yesterday, Sofia and I awoke at my parents house after a nice relaxing sleep.

Then after our morning meal, we packed up our things, which was quite a lot considering I brought 5 loads of laundry over, plus all the presents we had acquired from Christmas time… and made our way back to Seattle.

We got home by early afternoon then spent the rest of the day cleaning, organizing, and putting all that laundry away.

I know, my life is so exciting.

Mac and Cheese for dinner, Sofie couldn’t stop saying “mac and cheese” over and over again, she also learned a silly but endearing phrase from my dad, “drive’s me nuts!”, she can’t stop saying that either.

What a little parrot.

After not napping all day we got her to bed early, thought I’d have time to get some work done, but nope, I made home made whipped cream and ate a huge bowl of ice cream while watching The Tudors, and fell asleep.

Like I said, my life is so exciting.

Sofie’s got some major double chin action happening right here.


Sofia 365: Day 292

Day 292: 12.27.12

Today was a quieter day in the Smith household, I decided to stay one more day at my parents after the requests of my dad.

We spent most of the day out and about running errands, Sofie and my mom both had chiropractic appointments that morning so we headed out after breakfast to Silverdale. After spending quite a bit of time in the waiting room, they got in and we were soon out.
After heading out to Trader Joes to pick up some ingredients for dinner, we made a couple other pit stops then headed home for a late lunch.

Sofie was so tired, but refused to nap, so by dinner she was falling asleep at the table. I wasn’t complaining though, since that would mean she’d get to bed early! Thus, me getting a chance to get some work done.

So, after dinner, I headed upstairs to give Sofie a nice warm bath and got her ready for bed.

It wasn’t long after dessert she headed upstairs with grandpa and fell asleep, and that just leaves me, here, typing, posting my blog, actually on time! So everybody wins. ­čÖé

Stripes Baby.
Stripes Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 291

Day 291: 12.26.12

Yesterday, the day after Christmas, everybody woke up after a long night of post-holiday recovery sleep.

We scooped some breakfast together, then Sofie and I started packing to make a visit over to my parents house for round 3 of presents and holiday celebrations.
I hopped over on the ferry again, and made it to my parents house just shy of dinner time.

Before our meal we opened and exchanged the last bit of presents we had, and Sofie scored even more toys and goodies.

It was a nice (not so quiet evening) with Sofie and the family, catching up and enjoying each others company.

That’s what the Holidays are all about right? ­čÖé


Sofia 365: Day 290

Day 290: 12.25.12

Christmas Day!

I think it’s safe to say it was a success. We all slept in a little that morning, but we eventually rolled out of bed and had a little cocoa and opened presents, mostly for Sofie. It’s pretty nice waking up as a little family together. After all the present unwrapping was done, everybody got out of their pj’s to head over to Jason’s moms for some late breakfast and more presents for Sofie.

I’ll admit, Sofie was pretty tentative about opening her presents when we first started in the morning, but by the end of the day she was pretty much a pro. It was pretty funny watching her realize that there are THINGS in the boxes, like TOYS and CLOTHES, and no, it’s not just a box covered in colorful paper.

After spending some time at Jason’s mom’s we headed out to visit with his dad for a little bit where Sofie had even MORE presents! Boy this girl got pretty spoiled this year (not to mention the presents she hadn’t even opened from my parents yet!).

I didn’t do too bad this year either, but for the most part I feel like the older I get the more practical the gifts I want… but mostly just money, which is mostly what I got, so I’m happy. Jason got me some nice clothes and┬áaccessories, new boots too since┬ámy last pair totally just fell apart, and he’ll be smelling good with the new Burberry cologne I got him. But, Sofie was the star of Christmas anyways, and she deserves all the love and attention in the world.

By later that evening we were all pretty tired, so we decided to head home and just veg out the rest of the day with our leftover chinese. We watched a little more of the British Office then it was nighty night for us.

Well, that’s it for now, I sincerely hope everybody had a great holiday!

Goofy Sofie in her pj’s after the long day of making the Christmas rounds! I couldn’t get a straight face out of her!

Christmas Baby.
Christmas Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 289

Day 289: 12.24.12

First off, can I say that it’s pretty nice not being so behind? Second off, I hope everybody had a great Christmas, if you celebrate that sort of thing. ­čśë

Ahh yes, Christmas Eve.

It was relatively a quiet day at home, didn’t really go anywhere, just sort of did our thing. We had planned originally to go to my parents house for the evening, but plans changed so we ended up just staying in┬ácause we’re pretty terrible at planning on the spot.

Sofie was definitely enamored by all of the lights and boxes of wrapped things around the house, but overall it just felt like another normal day.

Since we ended up staying home, we decided to try a new tradition of our own. I didn’t really feel like cooking, so we just ended up ordering chinese (one of the few places open on Christmas Eve!) and watching the British Office. Not a bad night to be honest, until Sofie puked up her dinner… but she felt better right after, so at least she wouldn’t be sick on Christmas!

One other thing that did crap on my day a little bit was the fact that my nice┬ácamera broke, or, I think it did. In any case, I can’t get it to take pictures anymore. ┬áIt is pretty old I suppose, but I’m pretty bummed that it had to break on Christmas Eve! Well, at least it gives me an excuse to get a new camera, or at least a new lens in the near future…

So yes, that’s my long drawn out excuse for the crappy cellphone pic, but I guess my Droid doesn’t do too bad…

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve

Sofia 365: Day 288

Day 288: 12.23.12

Sunday was a busy day doing prep for Christmas.
Jason had left to his dad’s to do the rest of his Christmas shopping and wrapping, and Sofie and I did the same. We spent some time in the morning doing some wrapping, then headed out to the mall later that day to grab a few last Christmas essentials. Not the greatest idea I’ve ever had… it took me over half an hour to even get into the parking garage!
However, Sofie and I did end up getting in eventually and got what we needed.

Once we got home we had a nice dinner to ourselves and spent the rest of the night hanging out, organizing and prepping for Christmas.

Cookie Face.

Sofia 365: Day 287

Day 287: 12.22.12

Saturday, we had a special visit from Santa!

We decided to try something different this year. Rather than waiting through lines and subjecting Sofie to a bunch of strangers and flashing lights, we thought we’d ask a Santa that we knew if we could have some photos taken with him. Even better, Santa and Mrs. Claus did house calls! ┬áCheck him out for next year right here.

Sofie did end up falling asleep before he came to visit, so when he came she was in a bit of a daze. So unfortunately, not too much of an improvement from the grumpy baby last year, but at least she wasn’t crying the whole time! Maybe she’ll smile next year…

Here’s Sofie in her pretty little Christmas dress, and enjoy a few of the Santa photos below. ­čÖé

Santa Baby.
Santa Baby.
Christmas Family
Christmas Family
Cranky Christmas

Sofia 365: Day 286

Day 286: 12.21.12

Yikes, did I actually put up 17 posts yesterday? Please excuse the excess.
Just a few more, I promise. ­čÖé

Sofie came back home to Seattle on Friday. My parents were going to spend a day in Seattle, and we met up by the ferry when they came over that morning. I picked up Sofie and took her home so we could have a nice little reunion.

And no, the world didn’t end (what a relief).

It's not the end of the world.
It’s not the end of the world.

Sofia 365: Day 285

Day 285: 12.20.12

Merry Christmas ya’ll. It’s morning time now, rolling out of bed, being (rudely) woken up by the nearby Church bells for Christmas Mass. Well, I think I have a little bit of time before Sofie wakes up so…


Thursday, Sofie spent one more day at my parents house.

Jason and I spent most of the morning sleeping in and recharging from the evening before. I tried to get as much as I could done during the day, but honestly I wasn’t too successful. That evening I headed out to a meeting at the talent agency I had signed up with to get me on the casting networks so I can start getting work! I spent a couple hours that evening at the agency, and once I was done I headed back home.

Jason and I stayed in that night watching some shows, and our producer friend ended up coming over for a little bit as well since he was leaving back for LA the next day.

We ended up staying up a little late again (I’m getting too old for this), but it was another fun night.