Sofia 365: Day 240

Day 240: 11.6.12

Tuesday was a roller coaster of a day.
After breakfast, I decided to take Sofie out for a walk around the city since she needed a new pair of boots for winter.
We had a great time doing a little window shopping downtown, and walking to Pike Place market.

After buying some snacks and produce down at the market; Sofie and I headed back home. She fell asleep half-way back while I was at Old Navy, and I finally found a cute pair of boots for her. I walked all the way back up the hill back home (I got quite a bit of exercise that day), and just barely beat the rain.

Once we got back home, I was pretty pooped, but once Sofie woke up she was begging to go back outside again.

That, however, was short lived because soon after Sofie became very sick and started puking up again.

Not exactly fun to be puked on for the third time in a matter of a week and a half, but poor girl was not feeling well. She couldn’t keep down anything that I gave her, so she eventually just fell asleep early without taking a bath. I let Sofie sleep it off for the rest of the night and watched the election coverage with Jason.

Capitol Hill was crazy that night too, I really can’t believe Sofie slept through all the cars honking, people yelling, helicopters and fireworks going off. It seemed like everybody in the neighborhood was out partying.

That’s okay though, because I was still pretty tired from walking around earlier that day. I stayed up for a bit trying to catch up on some work, but eventually crashed.

Here’s the poor little sick baby, shortly before she fell asleep.

Magazine Baby.

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