Sofia 365: Day 225

Day 225: 10.22.12

Two Mondays ago, I went to do hair and makeup for the last photo shoot in the series that I was working on with a local photographer. This time, we didn’t have to travel anywhere far, just Gas Works park in Seattle. So Sofie went over to her other grandma’s place to hang out for a few hours while I worked.

It was a rainy, chilly day, but thankfully we had portable heaters to keep us warm while we got ready to shoot. I had to leave a little early because Sofia had an (post-accident) follow-up at the doctors to be checked out, so I headed back to Bellevue to pick her up.

After the appointment and a clean bill of health, Sofie and I headed home for a few hours, then back to Jason’s moms house to watch Dancing with the Stars. A bit of a tradition. Sofie is really into the music and dancing, I must say, it’s pretty entertaining.

I also was able to borrow their camera to take her picture for the day while I was waiting to get mine back from my parents.

She wasn’t being very cooperative, but I was still able to get a decent one.  As much as I think my camera is a piece of crap sometimes, I can really appreciate it when I’m having to use my cellphone to take pictures!

Bows and Skirts.

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