Sofia 365: Day 247

Day 247: 11.13.12


Anyways, what is it? Two Tuesday’s ago? I was back at my parents house after driving back the night before to get Sofie.
I stayed in Poulsbo for the rest of the day hanging out with Sofie and generally not doing very much… at least as far as I remember.

I really like her photo from the day though, I think that color really pops on her. The cookie crumb on her face is a nice touch too. 🙂


Sofia 365: Day 246

Day 246: 11.12.12

Monday, I did my best to sleep off the long weekend. It’s always weird waking up without Sofie in the house, but even without her around I still can’t seem to sleep in past 10 am. I just feel guilty for some reason, like I’m wasting my day. So after waking up, I planned out my day since I had a few tasks to do on my plate, and I was also heading back to my parents to pick up Sofie.

After running a few errands around the neighborhood in the morning, Jason and I headed downtown since I had a voucher for free underwear at Victoria’s Secret that was going to expire that day. Hey, it’s free underwear! Jason also needed a new jacket, so we spent some time walking around downtown Seattle to search for one. I had an inkling that H&M might have something good, and voila, they were having a huge sale and we were able to find just what he needed.

We’re usually too broke to go shopping (and still are too broke to go shopping), so this was a very rare occurence, but we had a good time.
We headed back up to Capitol Hill to grab some dinner at Samurai Noodle, yummm Ramen.

Then I jetted off to Poulsbo to see Sofie and spend the rest of the night there. I couldn’t wait to see that smiling little face when I got there!

Smiles for Miles.

Sofia 365: Day 245

Day 245: 11.11.12

Sunday was another long day of work for me, but still fun.
After waking up and shooting out of bed (running late), I headed back down to my studio to start the day on set again for my friend’s webseries project. Not necessarily scheduled, but since they were shooting in the neighborhood again, it just made sense to have them use my space again.

I had a wedding job to do in the afternoon, but spent the morning doing makeup of another sort (some light special fx…); I do like being able to mix things up.

Shooting was unfortunately cut short that day as a huge truck was blocking the set location in the alley, (oh, Seattle low budget projects…). However, I had another job to go to anywas, so on the bright side I didn’t need to worry about who would be taking care of touch-ups on the actors after I left.

My wedding was conveniently happening just down the street from my studio, so once I packed up my kit into my car I just zipped down the street and met my bride and her fun bridesmaids just down the street at the Edgewater Hotel.
I spent the rest of the afternoon doing hair and makeup for the bridal party, and finished them just in time for her evening ceremony down at the Aquarium. Sounds like fun huh?

After all that was said and done, I headed back home and got ready with Jason to go for a few drinks with our friends Autumn and Seth.
It was a fun night doing a little bar hopping around Capitol Hill, but after all was said and done, I was so ready to go home and crash. I passed out shortly before midnight. What a partier, right?

Looks like my parents had to chase Sofie around for photos, but they got her cornered. Ah well, sometimes she just doesn’t cooperate!


Sofia 365: Day 244

Day 244: 11.10.12

Saturday, was my first day doing makeup on a local webseries for my friend Autumn. Conveniently, they chose a shooting location on the same block as my beauty studio, so everybody was able to set up base camp there and stay out of the cold (even for a part of the day).

Sofie was still at my parents through the weekend, and I’m sure they were having a good time over there.

It was definitely a very chilly day, but it’s always fun when I get to work with my friends and make new ones too. After a long day of standing out in the cold and shooting in various locations around Pioneer Square I headed back home to finally warm up. I spent the rest of the evening figuring out what I was going to have to eat. I eventually just resorted to “enhanced” top ramen… without Sofie around I don’t necessarily have an excuse to make healthy food…

A couple episodes of 30 Rock, then I was out like a light…

Thanks to my parents for getting pictures of Sofie while I’m working. Look a bit surprised isn’t she?

Deer in the Hair Lights

Sofia 365: Day 243

Day 243: 11.9.12

Goodness gracious, it’s like no matter what I do I can’t seem to dig myself out of the “falling behind” trap!
Oh well, at least I’m not giving up on this project yet!

Friday for me mostly consisted of meeting clients. Sofie was staying at my parents through the weekend as I had work back to back Saturday and Sunday.

I met with a couple of great brides at my studio, one for a consultation and the other for a full hair and makeup trial session. I’m so excited that I’m already starting to book weddings for NEXT spring and summer! I have a good feeling my business will do even better on its second year. Now, it’s just a matter of getting organized!

If only I had more time in the day…

After meeting with my brides Jason picked me back up from the studio and we headed home. It’s been getting quite chilly out, so we stayed in for the rest of the night. I caught up on work and blogging and then spent another night watching Sherlock.

I’ve been trying to go to sleep earlier so I could wake up earlier, that hasn’t really been working out lately… I’m such a terrible night owl, I really need to break the habit.

Welp, here’s Sofie. My parents told me she discovered some old flower shaped candles that she now uses to learn about counting and colors!

Flower Girl.

Sofia 365: Day 242

Day 242: 11.8.12

Ahh yes, it feels good to be caught up!

Yesterday, Sofie and I both slept in a bit at my parents house but soon after got back to work again. I finished the last of the laundry and did a bit of building work before heading back to Seattle after a late lunch.

Sofie spent most of the morning watching old Benji movies. You know, the ones from the 70’s or something when they had groovy background music and dramatic plots?

She seemed to half enjoy it, and half the time was distracted by other things. I hope she doesn’t grow up to have ADD…

Anyhoo, after I got back home from Seattle in the early evening I got to work cleaning the vacant apartment next door and prepping paperwork for the lease signing. Our very first new resident and lease signing since we moved in and became resident managers! I was pretty excited to get that hurdle out of the way.
Jason and I spent the rest of the evening watching the first episode of the newest season on Sherlock out on Netflix. Love that show!

I also loved the pictures I got of Sofie from yesterday, she was really being a character so I threw in an extra one!

Cheese face.

Sofia 365: Day 241

Day 241: 11.7.12

Wednesday morning, Sofie was feeling better, but still pretty grouchy and tired in general. My mom offered to help out since I had so much work to do, so I decided to head over to my parents in the afternoon to spend a night.

We rode over on the ferry and made our way over, then spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out, doing laundry, and getting computer work done while I could.
By dinner time, Sofie had her appetite back again, and by the evening she was running around and terrorizing the dogs.

I was glad she was feeling better though, and we both got a much needed good night’s sleep.

Sofie before we headed out for the day; looking a little dazed and confused.

Leopard pants.

Sofia 365: Day 240

Day 240: 11.6.12

Tuesday was a roller coaster of a day.
After breakfast, I decided to take Sofie out for a walk around the city since she needed a new pair of boots for winter.
We had a great time doing a little window shopping downtown, and walking to Pike Place market.

After buying some snacks and produce down at the market; Sofie and I headed back home. She fell asleep half-way back while I was at Old Navy, and I finally found a cute pair of boots for her. I walked all the way back up the hill back home (I got quite a bit of exercise that day), and just barely beat the rain.

Once we got back home, I was pretty pooped, but once Sofie woke up she was begging to go back outside again.

That, however, was short lived because soon after Sofie became very sick and started puking up again.

Not exactly fun to be puked on for the third time in a matter of a week and a half, but poor girl was not feeling well. She couldn’t keep down anything that I gave her, so she eventually just fell asleep early without taking a bath. I let Sofie sleep it off for the rest of the night and watched the election coverage with Jason.

Capitol Hill was crazy that night too, I really can’t believe Sofie slept through all the cars honking, people yelling, helicopters and fireworks going off. It seemed like everybody in the neighborhood was out partying.

That’s okay though, because I was still pretty tired from walking around earlier that day. I stayed up for a bit trying to catch up on some work, but eventually crashed.

Here’s the poor little sick baby, shortly before she fell asleep.

Magazine Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 239

Day 239: 11.5.12

Monday, it was another busy day. I had the last of the building rent checks to deposit at the bank and I was meeting a bride for her trial session. So, Sofie went over to her grandma’s house for the day.

I tried to be as productive as possible with my errands and work through the day, and was pretty successful I think. I did a lot of driving and running around, but I got all the tasks done that I had scheduled for the day and even a little extra organization at home.

After picking up Sofie we headed home and we took a nice warm bath together. It was nice having a little time to relax with her before going to bed. I did miss that night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars… but oh well, I guess I’ll have to catch up on that sometime this weekend…

And here’s Sofie after we got home that evening:


Sofia 365: Day 238

Day 238: 11.4.12

Sunday we spent a quiet day at home and I had a little time to do some catch up work and blogging.

The morning was met with Sofie sneaking cherry tomatoes before breakfast (what a healthy child!), she kept calling them “grapes”… well, I guess tomatoes are still technically a fruit.

In the evening we baked cookies and I let Sofie enjoy half of one since she’s cute and deserved it.

It was a nice productive day over all, and she didn’t puke! So that’s also a plus!

Here she is, happy with all her dogs.

Dogs, dogs, dogs!