Sofia 365: Day 184

Day 184: 9.11.12

Tuesday was a fun and busy day. My parents had another appointment in Seattle and my friend Autumn was having her birthday party that night. I also had leasing paperwork and keys to pick up for the new apartment!
So that morning after I woke up I got ready to go then started packing up things since Sofie was going to be staying with my parents since Jason and I had a birthday party to go to. After Sofie and I met up with my parents we went down to get some lunch before parting ways.
Once my parents left to the ferry with Sofie I headed to meet up with a friend, Anna,  for a little pampering and relaxation and got an awesome facial and massage (my first ever!). It was a nice little detox before heading out for the night to drink and be merry.

It was a fun night and great catching up with friends, just another reason to be excited about moving back to Seattle! We have friends everywhere, and in such close proximity! That’s definitely one of the things I’ve really missed this last year.

I also just realized, since we’ll be moving the majority of our stuff this weekend, this may be one of the last photos we take of Sofie in the old apartment. What a weird feeling! Half a year accomplished with her and this project; now we’re transitioning to a new place for a fresh start for the rest of the year.

Sofie was playing with my accessories in the morning as I got ready so I decided to finally do something with her hair. Not quite sure if it was a super “stylish” choice, but heck, you could put a pair of swirly horns on her head and she’d still look adorable.

Baby Hair.

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