Sofia 365: Day 187

Day 187: 9.14.12

Yikes, I just realized that as of today, I’m 2 weeks behind! It’s just been a summer of procrastination, but I PROMISE fall will be different!

I’m sure you all want to see those Sofie pictures, so I need to start busting out these posts. This is our last moving weekend and we will be getting all the loose ends tied so we can start settling back into a routine, so I will have no excuse! Man, this month just flew by.

Two Friday’s ago, Sofie was still spending time at my parent’s house while we slowly but surely began the transition to our new apartment at the start of the weekend.
Looks like Sofie had another day exploring with her new finger puppets, she really seems into them doesn’t she?

Puppet Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 186

Day 186: 9.13.12

Holy Crap. The sooner I can get these pictures posted, the better I will feel! It’s just been such a wild few weeks, there’s still much work to be done…

Anyhow, let’s recap…

Thursday, Sofie spent another day at my parent’s house and I spent another day organizing and doing moving prep.

My grandma had spent some time living in Ecuador this summer so sent Sofie a set of finger puppets from there. By the pictures, it looked like she really enjoyed playing with them!

Finger Puppets.

Sofia 365: Day 185

Day 185: 9.12.12

Wow, it’s been another busy few weeks. I’ve got some catching up to do (yet again, and again). What with moving and settling in to our new apartment, it’s all just a blur to me. We’re finally starting to get somewhat settled down, which is great, but we still have quite a bit of organizing to do… Not to mention painting and cleaning our old apartment, the next week or so is still going to be super busy!
Last Wednesday, we had just signed the lease on our new apartment and Sofie had gone over to my parent’s the day before so it was time we started packing and getting organized for our move while Sofie was away.

Sofia’s picture of the day: in honor of squinters everywhere!


Sofia 365: Day 184

Day 184: 9.11.12

Tuesday was a fun and busy day. My parents had another appointment in Seattle and my friend Autumn was having her birthday party that night. I also had leasing paperwork and keys to pick up for the new apartment!
So that morning after I woke up I got ready to go then started packing up things since Sofie was going to be staying with my parents since Jason and I had a birthday party to go to. After Sofie and I met up with my parents we went down to get some lunch before parting ways.
Once my parents left to the ferry with Sofie I headed to meet up with a friend, Anna,  for a little pampering and relaxation and got an awesome facial and massage (my first ever!). It was a nice little detox before heading out for the night to drink and be merry.

It was a fun night and great catching up with friends, just another reason to be excited about moving back to Seattle! We have friends everywhere, and in such close proximity! That’s definitely one of the things I’ve really missed this last year.

I also just realized, since we’ll be moving the majority of our stuff this weekend, this may be one of the last photos we take of Sofie in the old apartment. What a weird feeling! Half a year accomplished with her and this project; now we’re transitioning to a new place for a fresh start for the rest of the year.

Sofie was playing with my accessories in the morning as I got ready so I decided to finally do something with her hair. Not quite sure if it was a super “stylish” choice, but heck, you could put a pair of swirly horns on her head and she’d still look adorable.

Baby Hair.

Sofia 365: Day 183

Day 183: 9.10.12

Wow, it ended up being another bit of a busy day today. Mostly organizing paper work and preparing to sign a lease on our new apartment, which I’m getting very excited about! Sofie, Jason and I all went back to the apartment today to give it one last once-over before making our final decision on it; it’ll be a smaller space than we have now, but since we are taking an apartment manager position in the building, the money we’ll be saving will be worth it. Sofie definitely seemed to like it, she couldn’t stop running around and sliding on the hardwood floors.

We’ll be back in our old neighborhood and close to everything, I can actually walk to places again and live close to my friends! It’ll be great.

And not to mention! Here we are: the year and a half mark.

I can’t believe Sofia is already a year and a half, she has grown up so fast, and I have the pictures to prove it!
Aside from the stand-alone picture of the day I also edited one  with a side by side from day 1 to today.

When you’re posting pictures day by day, sometimes you don’t realize the gradual change, but  to have those two images right in front of me is just another solid reminder of how quickly she’s developing, and learning. She’s getting smarter and cuter by the day.

It’s been a crazy 6 months, heck, a crazy 18 months! Now, here’s to another 6 months ahead (And then she’ll be TWO, what in the world!)!

I know it’s going to fly by fast, and I hope you all can stick around and join me for the next half. It’s been quite the journey and quite the project, but I’m glad that I decided to do this and stick with it.

Well then, until tomorrow! Have a great night everyone.



A Year and a Half!!!

Half Year Accomplished.

Sofia 365: Day 182

Day 182: 9.9.12

Eek! We’re just a day away from breaking the half-way point! And perfect timing, it’ll be her 18 month birthday tomorrow!

Sofie is just growing up so fast, it’s absolutely crazy. Can’t believe half a year has already gone by since I started this project. We are almost half way through and it’ll be all down hill from here!
Today was a nice slow day at home, neither Jason or I had work, so we just mostly lazed about all day. One exciting thing is that we did get accepted to an apartment up on Capitol Hill, so that’s definitely something to look forward to.

The weather was significantly cooler today, but it was nice to get a little break from the weather.

Despite not doing very much today, Sofie still took a significant nap in the afternoon which allowed me to get a little bit of work done.

Jason’s dad came over and bought us all Chinese for dinner, seems like it was just a take-out weekend, but I don’t mind not cooking…

Here’s the little goof, making faces as usual.

Have a good night ya’ll, see you when we break our half-year mark tomorrow!

Neon Smileys.

Sofia 365: Day 181

Day 181: 9.8.12

Saturday, I had a wedding to do. So Sofie went off to her grandma’s again and I went to work. It was a fairly productive work morning, although it started off a bit rough. I didn’t have the room number for the bridal suite since I was meeting another artist there, so I wasted a bit of time in the morning trying to figure it out and get in touch with the other girl. Luckily I just followed the trail of bridesmaids in matching pink robes and champagne and it led me to the right place…

I got back in the afternoon and Sofie fell asleep shortly after I got to her grandma’s, so I hung out for a bit before we left to go home.
Once we were home we had a nice little evening watching Netflix and eating Mexican bought from my tip money.

Another good Saturday at home with the fam.

Smiley Happy Tulle Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 180

Day 180: 9.7.12

Friday was yet another warm day. I spent most of the morning continuing our apartment search although we had already put an application in on a place. I made an appointment to see another apartment later that day.

So, that afternoon I dropped Sofie off at her grandma’s and I headed to meet Jason after work to see the apartment, which ended up being quite spacious and nice, but we’re not sure if it’ll work.
It looked like Sofie had a good afternoon swimming in the kiddie pool; although it wasn’t the pool in our complex, she still got to cool down and have fun, lucky her.

Here she is – stylin’ in her summer romper.

Summer Ruffles.

Sofia 365: Day 179

Day 179: 9.6.12

Ack, it seems I can’t seem to stay caught up! I need to develop better posting habits.
Thursday was a fairly quiet day at home, as far as I can remember. It was also very hot.

Because it was so hot, I decided that it would be a good day to take Sofie down to the pool in our complex, because we have only been out there once, and it was an opportune time.

Kids were back in school so no splashing or noise, it was the middle of the day on a Thursday so most people would be working, it was going to be perfect!

So, I gather Sofie up, get towels, get her in her swimsuit, grab some sunscreen, get in my swimsuit pack up snacks and juice and head down to the pool. Lo and behold, it’s closed for a photo shoot.

What the heck? The one day I actually make an effort and it backfires on me!

Oh well, so Sofie and I trekked all the way back home, both of us bummed, and still no way to cool down.
It ended up being fine though, we just hung out in the house and tried our best to stay cool.

Here’s Sofie’s photo of the day – she looks a bit shocked, not quite sure by what, but I think it’s a funny photo. Her expression and body language is priceless!


Shock Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 178

Day 178: 9.5.12

Yesterday was another nice day full of household chores and house-hunting.
I spent the majority of the morning and afternoon with Sofie, doing some laundry, organizing, you know, typical house-wifey stuff…

I had lined up a few appointments in the early evening to view some houses, so once late afternoon rolled around I got myself and Sofie ready to go and we headed into the city. The first apartment we looked at was nice, but small, but in a great location. The second was a little better, but we’re not getting too excited about anything just yet…

Sofie was pretty well behaved through it all, but I could tell that she was getting tired and hungry since she hadn’t napped all day. After seeing the last place we all headed back home for a quick dinner, then bath and bed for Sofie.

I would say it was another (fairly) productive day.

This picture is pretty great too, Sofie was being such a little goof!