Sofia 365: Day 165

Day 165: 8.23.12

Last Thursday was my last day on set for the week. They were all long days and I was definitely looking forward to having some time “off” and seeing Sofie again!
I had a wedding way out in Orcas Island that Saturday so my parents were great enough to pay for the family to have a little mini “work-cation” over there for Friday and Saturday.

After getting home Thursday I packed and got everything ready to go because Friday was going to be a very long day.
Here’s Sofie’s photo from the day, another “deer in the headlights” look. 🙂

Whitey Whites.

Sofia 365: Day 164

Day 164: 8.22.12

Last Wednesday’s photo! Need I say more?

Sofie has such an adorable little “surprise” face! That cheese stick again!

Surprise Face!

Sofia 365: Day 162

Day 162: 8.20.12

Monday came around again, and I had a good night’s sleep with Sofie by my side but it was back to the grind for me. After quickly getting ready in the morning, I snapped this photo of her before heading back out to Seattle for another week of busy movie-making work.

She is such a little goofball, playing with my keys and bracelet, her little face is always making funny faces.

Bed Head and Bracelets.

Sofia 365: Day 161

Day 161: 8.19.12

Sunday I had another wedding to do, and it was another crazy day! But after my work was done I drove back over to my parents house so I could get a chance to see Sofie for a little bit before I left for another week of work.

Even though Sofie was sleepy and tired by the time I got to my parents house I was still glad I had a chance to see her and snuggle up with her when I went to bed.

This picture of her is so cute and funny, her face just cracks me up!

Squinty Eyes.

Sofia 365: Day 160

Day 160: 8.18.12

Ahh yes, we are slowly getting caught up, hooray!

Saturday was another long work day, though this time for a wedding and not a movie. It’s such an interesting juxtaposition going from being on the set of a movie, doing special fx cuts and bruises, then going to a wedding and beautifying women. I love all aspects of my job though, and I also love exercising my range of skills!

My day started early way out in the middle of nowhere in a mansion, we had 9 people to get ready and it was crazy busy! Although weddings can be stressful sometimes (and this one surely was), I still definitely enjoy what I do. I love making people feel beautiful, and it’s such a great reward to see your hard work appreciated.

Here’s Sofie’s picture from another day at my parents house –


Sofia 365: Day 159

Day 159: 8.17.12

Friday rolled around and it was my last day on set for the week. It was another busy day, and you could say I was looking forward to the weekend, but I was still working both days! Busy-ness can be a blessing as well as a curse.

I love how pretty much in all these photos my parents have taken of Sofie she is holding a cheese stick.


Sofia 365: Day 158

Day 158: 8.16.12

Thursday was day 3 on set, and another long work day. Although I was missing Sofie I was glad that we decided to let her stay with my parents because I was hardly home. The majority of my time spent at home while I was working the past few weeks was to sleep and shower, there just wasn’t any time for anything else! (and now I have a lot of laundry and cleaning to catch up on)…

This is such an adorable picture of Sofie though, my parents did a great job of picking up my slack as far as photos!

Happy Face!

Sofia 365: Day 157

Day 157: 8.15.12

Wednesday was my 2nd day on set, and my first full day away from Sofie for the week. I was so busy though, I hardly had time to miss her, but I still did!

It was such a hot day, though we spent the most of it inside, I was still melting!

It looked like Sofie stayed cool though, she looks like a little sailor baby in her outfit. I love it!

Sailor Babe.

Sofia 365: Day 156

Day 156: 8.14.12

Tuesday, the 14th was my first day on set of the local feature film I was doing hair and makeup for. After spending the night over at my parents with Sofie, I got ready to go in the morning to start my first day.
I was excited to be working on a new project, and this is one of the biggest productions I’ve worked on so far.

Snapped a photo of Sofia before leaving in the morning; still in her pj’s looking as adorable as ever. I was really going to miss her while I was working (and I did)!

Onesie Girl.

Sofia 365: Day 163

Day 163: 8.21.12

Alrighty, we’re basically half-way through my photo catch up! These past few weeks have been such a blur!
Movie making, makeup, driving, long days, and eating very badly pretty much sums up most of it.

I will try to get through these next set of photos quickly; I just hate being behind!

Here’s Sofie’s photo from last Tuesday: all dressed in blue, wonder what she’s thinking about… scheming, most likely…

Blue Pants.