Sofia 365: Day 131

Day 131: 7.19.12

Yesterday was more or less an eventful day.

I heard on the radio that Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis were going to be in town to promote their new movie The Campaign. The rumor was that they’d be at a coffee shop in Pike Place Market to serve coffee for a short time in the afternoon.

I thought it might be a cool thing to check out with Sofie, so decided that I’d take her out that afternoon to Seattle. The weather had cleared at that point and it was actually pretty nice out. I walked down from my beauty studio with an acquaintance from my film projects that actually lives in the building as well. By the time we got to the market it was packed! There was no chance of getting through the crowds to see anything, it was so hot, I actually saw somebody faint. Sofie wasn’t a fan of the crowds either, she was   pretty upset so we got out before the celebs even arrived.

I was hoping to catch even a glimpse, but the only hint of their arrival and departure were cheers from the crowd. Apparently they didn’t even stay to serve coffee like it was said, they breezed in and out within a few minutes.

Well, in the very least, it was a nice day for a walk…

The Crazy Crowds.

Here’s Sofie’s photo from after we went home, cool drinks and food in her belly, and much happier.

Hot Babe.

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