Sofia 365: Day 142

Day 142: 7.30.12

Just another slow and lazy day at the homestead yesterday. It was actually a bit chilly when we woke up, I don’t remember the sun coming out all that much. I don’t really remember doing all that much either, haha.

I was just one of those days; I feel like it’s been “one of those days” a lot lately. Must be something in the water…

Don’t know why Sofie’s feet are way more in focus than her face, oh well, she’s looking serious again… staring off into the distance (more like the tv).


Sofia 365: Day 141

Day 141: 7.29.12

Sunday was a rare day off for me (for a weekend anyways). Aside from a few errands and grocery shopping in the afternoon, it was a fairly lazy day. It was a bit hot out, but we didn’t spend much time outside.

I did some laundry.

Not that exciting…

Well, Sofie found Jason’s sunglasses and was trying to put them on. Except she had them upside down… made for a funny picture though. Threw in an extra one again too, cracks me up!

Little Goof.

Sofia 365: Day 140

Day 140: 7.28.12

I hope everybody had a great weekend! I can’t believe July is already over…

Where has this summer gone?

Anyhow, Saturday I had an unexpectedly long work day; but it was okay. What was only supposed to be a couple hour job turned into a bit longer, but oh well, I get paid and that’s all that matters.
Sofie spent most of the day at her grandma’s house, but I picked her up later in the afternoon.
We were invited to a bbq with a few other makeup artists/hairstylists so went by to hang out for a few hours. There were other kids there, although a bit older, and Sofie had a chance to be in a social setting with people she didn’t know. I think it’s good for her to be able to expand her comfort zone and be in new environments.

It was a fun night, good socializing, making new friends and just getting out of the house in general. We even made some s’mores, and we know how much Sofie loves s’mores. 🙂

Her little picture though is a bit serious, she was being a bit of a grouch all afternoon, but definitely was happier by bbq time.

Serious Face.

Sofia 365: Day 139

Day 139: 7.27.12

Yay! We’re all caught up again. It’s a good feeling.

Yesterday (Friday) was a lazy day. After all the working and running around I ‘d done the past week I just wanted a day to stay in my sweats, not worry about looking presentable or putting my makeup on. Did do a little laundry though, and spent most of the day rolling around on the floor with Sofie… Yes, really, I would say 50% of the day was spent on the floor in some form or another.

I’d gotten a little too lazy and almost forgot to take Sofie’s picture again, remembered after dinner though and was able to get a few good shots. We decked her out in beads and she also wanted to have her shoes for the photo. I thought she looked pretty fly.
Threw in an extra one today too, it’s a bit blurry, but her face is pretty fantastic.


Just Another Pajama’s Day.
The Awesomeness that is Sofie.

Sofia 365: Day 138

Day 138: 7.26.12

Almost there, almost there!

Hopefully Sofie will stay napping while I wrap up with these posts!

I had to go up to Everett to meet a bride for a trial session on Thursday so Sofie went over to her other grandma’s house for the afternoon. It was over at my friend Hannah’s house who owns her own beauty company as well, we had two trials happening at the same time, so it was a pretty fun experience. I was actually pretty proud of the work I did, and I can’t wait for the wedding!

After getting home I had almost forgot to take Sofie’s photos again, and she wasn’t being all too cooperative either. I had let her play with these holographic dog cards and she has been obsessed with looking at them since. I think it’s cool to her (or maybe just trippy)  that the pictures move. I was trying to lure her over to the wall with the cards but only succeeded in having her hold still if she kissed the picture of the dog on the card.
So there you have it, all you can see is Sofie’s bright blue eyes!

Card Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 137

Day 137: 7.25.12

The weather was gorgeous out on Wednesday!

My mom was excited because she had wanted Sofie to wear this outfit for a while (and it’s adorable!), but was worried she would get too big for it before the weather was nice enough! For a while it seemed like the sun would never come out this summer… glad it finally decided to! (Also glad it’s not 234923857 degrees like in some other parts of the country!) I’m using a lot of exclamation points!

Left my parents house with Sofie in the early afternoon, Jason was glad to have the whole family back home.

Took these photos before leaving, Sofie wanted to put her sun hat on, she also wanted her doggy backpack/leash in the picture. I mean, look at that face, who could say no to that!

Sunny Sun Hat.

Sofia 365: Day 136

Day 136: 7.24.12

Half way caught up! Woohoo.

Spent another day at my parents house on Tuesday, I also got a chance to catch up with my bestest friend, Katie, as she was also in town with family.

I was so excited to see her and catch up, we’ve known each other for ages, but with school and work, plus living in different cities, we haven’t had a chance to see each other much the past few years. We spent a nice afternoon chatting and went down to the Poulsbo waterfront to get some yummy crepes and cider. My mouth is watering just thinking about them… Nutella crepes are probably one of the best gastronomical inventions ever.

After spending the early evening at Katie’s family’s house for dinner, I headed home to spend a little time with Sofie before passing out in bed.

I snapped this shot of Sofia before heading out for the day, she had gotten into my hair accessories so I put a little clip in her hair. She looked so cute with it on, look at those chubby cheeks!


Sofia 365: Day 135

Day 135: 7.23.12

I had a short job on Monday doing makeup for a portrait session in Seattle, and afterwards headed down to my parents house to get Sofie and stay the night there.
The weather was a little gloomier and not so sunny out, but it was so humid it hardly made any difference… to my hair.

I got to my parents house just in time for dinner, I was so excited to see Sofie, but I was also pretty hungry!

Don’t those purple pants look great on her?

Purple Pants!

Sofia 365: Day 134

Day 134: 7.22.12

Last Sunday was another busy work day, not only did I have a wedding in the morning, but I was also meeting with a bride for a trial session in the afternoon!
After working hard and playing hard all weekend, all I wanted to do Sunday night was just crash and sleep. A quiet night at home was exactly what I needed.

Looked like Sofie had another good day with my parents; I know they had bought her a little mini pool, not sure if they had used it, but the weather was certainly opportune!

I love her little mismatched outfit, stripes and polka dots, classic!

Flower Power.

Sofia 365: Day 133

Day 133: 7.21.12

Yikes! It’s been over a week since I posted last. Time to blast through these photos and catch up to the present!

Sofie was over at my parent’s house all last weekend as I was working, and also spending my evenings enjoying some time at the Capitol Hill Block Party with Jason.

Saturday was a beautiful day out, wish I was able to spend some more time outside, but after having a bit of a stressful morning doing hair and makeup for a wedding it was nice to unwind a bit and enjoy my night out with Jason and some good friends. Heard some good music, caught up with old friends, and got quite a good amount of socializing in, which rarely happens in this household!

Sofie was reportedly causing a little trouble at my parent’s house, not wanting to pose for photos and what not, but I still think they got a pretty decent one. What a colorful shirt!

Summer Brights.