Sofia 365: Day 100!

Day 100: 6.18.12

It is our 100th post and day!

A few days late, but still, 100 posts!

Now I kind of wish I had dressed her a little better, haha.

Took it easy on Monday, spent most of the day trying to gather resources to recoup and re-order a lot of my lost makeup. Thank goodness for my parents and good friends; they donated money and products/tools so that I can stay afloat.

I’m so very thankful for everyone’s generosity, kind of gives me a little extra faith in humanity.

Now, here’s Sofie with her juice. A couple more posts to come!


Sofia 365: Day 99

Day 99: 6.17.12

Sunday was Father’s day.

Another eventful day indeed… It started out great, I had bought Jason some gifts and made an awesome pancake breakfast. Early that afternoon my mother was coming back over with Sofie so that Jason could see her for Father’s day.

Here’s where it starts going downhill… somewhere between Renton and Seattle my back trunk popped open while I was driving and a part of my makeup kit fell out. I noticed my trunk was open when I got off the exit in Seattle. After I stopped to fix it, I noticed that something was missing. I was freaking out! I circled around the blocks a few times but saw nothing in the street. My makeup was gone.

I also made my mom miss her ferry because I was late; it was so upsetting, I couldn’t believe what had happened. Hundreds of dollars worth of my products and tools were gone just like that, and the worst part is I need them for my job. Shortly after posting about the incident on Facebook I got a very fast and unexpected outpouring of people willing to help me out. My parents, friends, and other artists like me have given and offered so much help, I am just so grateful to everyone. I didn’t have enough money to replace everything, but now I think I’ll be able to get back on track. I’m so happy and so grateful.

Here’s Sofie’s picture from Father’s Day, she had just woken up from her nap so she had terrible bed head…

Bed Head Sofie.

Sofia 365: Day 98

Day 98: 6.16.12

My mom had Sofie for Saturday since I had a bridal gig in the morning.

After finishing that job I headed over to Seattle with Jason to start renovations on my new beauty studio. We spent the rest of the evening there building and hanging out, it was actually pretty fun doing a project with Jason, we don’t really have unique opportunities like that very often. I got a chance to see his skills at work, and I learned a little something about building things too. The studio is going to be so cool, I can’t wait for it to be ready!

Aaaand, there’s Sofie in some cute purple pants!

Purple Pants.

Sofia 365: Day 97

Day 97: 6.15.12

Boy, what an eventful weekend! It was a roller coaster ride indeed.

But now, it’s time to catch up on photos and stories.

Friday I went up to Seattle to meet my mom and drop Sofia off at the ferry, I had a wedding party in the morning on Saturday and my mom offered to watch her again. Weekends without Sofie has been a bit bittersweet, but we are working hard this summer so we can be in a better place by Fall.

It was such a nice day on Friday, the sun was out, it was actually warm, and I actually wore shorts. So did Sofie.

After dropping Sofie off I went to surprise Jason when he got off of work since he works down town. Bought him a bottle of coke, and had a chance to see what he was building. Friday traffic was quickly worsening so we just decided to go home and relax for the night. Missing Sofie, but was nice to have some quiet time.

Here’s a picture of Sofie before we left to meet my mom. Love those little rompers. She was wearing my old art school ID card around her neck, she always looks at the picture, points and says “mama!”. So cute.


15 Month Update!

Hi guys! Sofia and I are back with our 15 month update video!

Just sharing what we’ve been up to and how quickly she is growing. She is talking more and more these days, what a handful!

Thanks for watching!

Sofia 365: Day 96

Day 96: 6.14.12

The weather continues to tease us. It’s really just been kind of grey and humid, not the best combination. Took Sofie out for some quick shopping errands this afternoon, I’m glad we at least got out of the house for a little bit. She is so talkative, she’ll say “Hi” to just about any one that she can bat an eyelash at.
Sometimes it’s hard for me to think of how others perceive children that are not their own; I only just assume they feel the same way that I feel about other kids, mostly just find them obnoxious. Haha, well, I am biased, I suppose.  Sofie is just too cute, but even with that, her continuous greetings to strangers even had me a bit worn down by the end of our shopping trip. I’ve never quite met a baby like Sofia; Her mouth just never stops babbling.

I also had some time to record our 15 month update today, I really do want to get more into video blogging… It’s getting quite late tonight, so it’ll probably just be posted tomorrow, so keep tuned! Sofie is running her mouth throughout nearly the entire video.

Hope you enjoy today’s pic! I quite enjoyed her colorful outfit today, she doesn’t nearly have enough greens and blues in her wardrobe. I quite like that color of green on her.

Summer Greens.

Sofia 365: Day 95

Day 95: 6.13.12

I had a quick job to go to in the afternoon yesterday, so Sofia spent a couple hours at her other grandma’s house.  She was still on the last legs of her cold, and it was a chilly day, perfect for layering. I got up early yesterday and was really productive; I felt like I got a lot of work done and that’s a great feeling. I love being efficient, and actually having some FREE time! The whole “getting up early” thing is kind of a hard habit to get into, but hopefully I’ll keep working at it and I’ll start feeling better about myself. There honestly aren’t enough hours in the day!

Here’s Sofie, all layered up and cute, she was a bit of a cranky girl yesterday, so I cheered her up with some rice crackers. I’d say her love of rice crackers are one of her few noticeable “asian” attributes. 🙂

Spring Layers

Sofia 365: Day 94

Day 94: 6.12.12

After spending 1 more night at my mom’s, Sofia and I drove back yesterday afternoon. The day was quite a bit gloomier than of late, but at least it wasn’t storming.

Sofie still has a bit of a runny nose, but otherwise full of her usual energy.

While I was at my mom’s I watched “Extreme Couponing”, every time I watch that show I get the urge to only buy things with coupons, but I don’t think I would really have the patience or the time to do it as extreme as some of the people on the show. It would be fun to try though… I already have a binder of coupons, I’m just not great at keeping them organized. Perhaps, an afternoon project.

Baby was a bit cranky/tired all day, but was able to get her to cooperate briefly for photos. I think she looks very sweet.

Sweet Sofia.

Sofia 365: Day 93

Day 93: 6.11.12

We have surpassed our 3 month anniversary! (Mini whoop)

After running errands on Monday I decided to switch it up and hop the ferry back over to my mom’s instead of driving. I hadn’t ridden the ferry in such a long time, it kind of felt weird! The weather was great for a ferry ride though, I actually wore shorts and wasn’t cold!

Here’s Sofie in her little capris. Always adorable.


Sofia 365: Day 92

Day 92: 6.10.12

Time to catch-up on photos!

Sofie turned 15 months old on Sunday! She was still at my mom’s since I had tons of work, so I missed her a lot. It was such a beautiful day though, I’m sure they made the most of it!