Sofia 365: Day 91

Day 91: 6.9.12

With my celebration plans for the weekend, Sofia went to my mom’s for a few nights. That Saturday morning we ate a quick breakfast and headed out to meet my mom in Seattle for lunch and I also had the chance to show off my new studio space for my beauty company. It’s so conveniently located by the ferry, I couldn’t have asked for a better location. Sofia’s cold seemed to have subsided and the weather was starting to get nicer, I’m glad that the sun will be coming out this week. I just hope it sticks around.

Saturday night’s outing with friends was a great time. I rarely ever get to go out, so I tried to soak in and appreciate all that I could, but also not get in trouble, of course!

Sunday I had a bridal photo shoot with friends from Dutta Photography, and I also went over to my studio to help renovate it. Weekends without Sofie is sometimes a bummer, but I’m glad that I also have some freedom to get the work done that I need.

I will be going back this afternoon to my mom’s to get Sofia. It looks like a great day outside so I am going to try and enjoy as much of it as I can. I haven’t ridden the ferry over in a long while, so perhaps I will do that today…

Here’s Sofie’s picture from Saturday morning before we left, she was goofing around and sticking her tongue out, so adorable.

Little Tongue.

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