Sofia 365: Day 69

Day 69: 5.18.12

Had work early in the day today, so I had to wake Sofie up to drop her off at her grandma’s house. She’s not so used to getting up that early, so she took quite a bit of a nap this afternoon and I tucked her in early tonight. I’m not complaining though, sure I had to get up even earlier, but hey, I have more time to myself tonight.

Friday night, watching tv, eating cookies and tinkering around on the computer. Not too bad…

Sofie loves to play with these plastic eggs we got from Easter. I put smaller eggs inside the large one, and when she opens it, she always seems so amazed. Pretty soon she won’t be as easily impressed, so I better milk it while I can!


Author: missmichellemai

Freelance Makeup Artist, Marketing Maven, Mom, and Friendly Neighborhood Witch.

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