Sofia 365: Day 67

Day 67: 5.16.12

It was a slow day today, just stayed home. Didn’t even really do that much either… I was thinking of taking Sofie out, the pool is open now, but I just felt sluggish. Woke up and tried to do P90x with Jason, but we’re not necessarily the best at motivating each other.

I did eventually get dressed and take Sofie out for a bit this afternoon. We walked around the complex a bit, and she was fascinated by the pool. She just stood at the fence overlooking the swimming area, watching people and kids play. I kind of felt like a creep standing over the pool, so I tried to get her to move along as best I could. By that point I could tell she was getting tired and hungry. For whatever reason, her nap was cut short this afternoon… I attempted to get her back to sleep, knowing that we would all just end up grumpy and miserable if she didn’t, but of course, she woke up. So, she ended up falling asleep early tonight, hopefully she will sleep through the night… She’s definitely made improvements in her sleep schedule, so have I.

Here she is in her little shorts. Just adorable.

Shorts Weather.

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