Sofia 365: Day 59

Day 59: 5.8.12

We went out to the mall in Bellevue yesterday with her Aunt Jessica to go the play park there. Definitely not as busy as the last few times I’ve gone there. Much more kids her age and size running around. She hasn’t yet gotten to the stage of socializing with others, but I can definitely tell that she is interested in others.

It was certainly a long day, especially after my workout in the morning plus all the errands around town. By the time we both got to bed we were out for the night.

She’s kind of in this phase of scowling at everything and everyone, not quite sure where or how she learned that, but it’s still cute I guess.

Grumpy Pants.

Author: missmichellemai

Freelance Makeup Artist, Marketing Maven, Mom, and Friendly Neighborhood Witch.

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