Sofia 365: Day 20

Day 20: 3.30.12

We are officially out of the “teens” for my 365 project!

It was quite another rainy day today. Hoping that the weekend will bring some lighter weather, perhaps we’ll go to the indoor play park again if the weather fails to cooperate.

Day 20!

Sofia 365: Day 19

Day 19: 3.29.12

It was pretty rainy today. No chance of going outside. Just getting caught up with laundry and all kinds of boring stuff. Clipping coupons, watching tv…

There’s Sofie, stuffing her face full of cookies again.

Cookie Monster.

Sofia 365: Day 18

Day 18: 3.28.12

Back at the ‘ole apartment, I sure did miss my computer. Working off of my external hard drive has been a pain.

Sofie has taken a liking to playing with a can full of pens lately. She loves to dump out all the pens, then put them all back in, dump them out, then all back in. In my eyes, it’s just another way to keep her occupied and that’s good enough for me. 😉

Loves those Pens.

Sofia 365: Day 17

Day 17: 3.27.12

Was a pretty wet day out today. Not so much rain, but a slow drizzle throughout the day. Couldn’t really take Sofie out very much, it was a bit cold anyways.
Yes, I’m all caught up on these photos again, I underestimate how much time it takes sometimes to keep up with this every day.

Not that great of a photo today, but still pretty cute, she just wouldn’t hold still for the life of me.

Look at that belly!

Day 17.

Sofia 365: Day 16

Day 16: 3.26.12

Spent most of the day indoors yesterday. Had a little time to go outside and enjoy the yard, she found a liking to some red berries out on the hillside by my mother’s house. I had some trouble trying to get her to stop attempting to eat them, but she eventually found something else to be distracted with.

Her face in this picture cracks me up!

What a Face.

Sofia 365: Day 15

Day 15: 3.25.12

It has now officially been over 2 weeks since I’ve started this project! For some reason it has felt like longer, but in other ways the weeks have just seemed to fly by.

It was pretty warm and the weather was nice. A great day for playing outside.

Spring Sofie.

Sofia 365: Day 14

Day 14: 3.24.12

I’m all caught up again! Can’t believe March is already almost over. I still need to post all those pictures from Sofia’s birthday… I promise I’m working on it!

The weather was great today, we went out to the waterfront park in Silverdale and had a little picnic there. Sofie’s pretty tired now, she just loves running around aimlessly.

This picture is a little dark, I’ll probably edit and repost them once I get back home to my regular computer. I just don’t have the correct software on my laptop.

Peace Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 13

Day 13: 3.23.12

This was our first full day visiting for the weekend at my parent’s house. I had some work to do in the city so Sofia had a nice day out with my mom.

She looks a bit like a deer in the headlights, but I think she was getting pretty tired.

Mugshot Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 12

Day 12: 3.22.12

Sorry for the delay! We’ve been over at my mother’s house and I’ve been working from my laptop!

We were just getting ready to leave when I snapped this picture of her, you can see all her teeth coming in!
It was very difficult getting her to stop trying to run at the camera; cookies help.


Sofia 365: Day 11

Day 11: 3.21.12

The weather was actually pretty decent today, we went out for a stroll around the complex and took photos. Sofie really loves to go down the slide. I’ll post those pictures up pretty soon, as soon as I get her birthday pictures edited and up.

She got another cookie today, happy as can be.

The Cookie Monster

Had to throw in an extra pic today. Look at those eyes!

Pretty Sofie